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Flavored Florimones, Cigarillos, Diavolo and Longo
Maduro Wapper
Summatra Wapper
Connecticut Wapper
3674 Wagner Road
Bradford, NY 14815

D'Angelo Cigars​

Here you will find Flavors and Natural Cigars
Natural Forza Suave 45x6 1/4
Carmen Forza Suave Summatra Naturale Gran Corona
Filler: Piloto Cubano Seco 40%; San Vincente Ligero 30%; Criollo 98 Seco 20% Criollo 98 Ligero 10%
Binder: Olor Seco
Wrapper: Summatra Dominicana

Leo Leone Leon 34x6 3/4
Long Fill Piloto Cubano Seco 40%; San Vicente Ligero 30%; Criollo 98 Seco 20%; Criollo 98 Ligero 10% Filler: Olor Seco Binder; Summatra Dominicana Wrapper

Natural Rocco 44x4 3/4
Rocco Piccolino Maduro Medium Fill

Carmine Rey Maduro 50x5 1/2
Medium Fill

Carmine Rey Summatra 50x5 1/2
Medium Fill

Natural Carmine Rey Connecticut 50x5 1/2
Carmine Piccolino Rey Connecticut Medium Fill

Natural Churchill 50x7
D’Angelone Summatra Naturale Long Fill

Natural Torpedo 52x7
Don D'Angelo Piccolino
Torpedo Maduro Medium Fill

Natural Big Diablo 66x6
Don D’Angelo Diablo Gordo Summatra Long Fill

Marcella Mervigliosa Robusto Connecticut 52x5 1/2
Long Fill

Nunziata Facia Rubia Robusto Connecticut 50x5
Long Fill

Elizabeta Bella Ragazza Connecticut 55x5
Long Fill

Tatone Gino Maduro Toro 48x6
Long Fill

Tatone Carmine Maduro Rubusto 50x5
 Long Fill

Natural Longo Cigaro Summatra 27x7
Long Fill

Cigarillos Flavors 20 x 5
Long Leaf Center
Medium Fill

Florimones Cigar Flavors 32 x 5 A-C
Florimones Cigar Flavors 32 x 5 C-W
Rocco Rum 44 x 4 3/4
Rocco Piccolino Maduro
Medium Fill

Tatone Gino Summatra Toro 48 x 6
Long Fill

Natural Tatone Carmine Summatra 50 x 5
Long Fill