Twister - Two Types of Wrappers

Lucky Cigar Twister
Lucky Cigar Twister offers something completely different - two types of wrappers on one cigar, ensuring an interesting and complex experience. The filler is a blend of Nicaraguan long-leaf tobaccos. Handmade in Nicaragua.

Lucky Cigar Habano Esteli
This lovely handmade cigar employs a complex mixture of long-leaf tobaccos from Nicaragua’s world famous growing regions such as Jalapa, Esteli, and Condega. Handmade in Nicaragua.
Dark Maduro Wapper

Lucky Cigar Maduro
Lucky Cigar Maduro is a hefty handmade promoting deep, rich, maduro flavors. It all starts with the wrapper, a dark maduro leaf oozing with oils. This leaf works wonders by taming the bold long-leaf held within from Nicaragua and Honduras. The result is a deep, toasty smoke with a generous aroma and hints of coffee, earth, wood and spice. Medium to full body. Handmade in Nicaragua.
Lucky Cigars Churchill 7 x 48
Lucky Cigars Salomon 7 x 60
Lucky Cigars Robusto 5 x 50
Lucky Cigars Gordo 6 x 60
Lucky Cigars Maduro Robusto 5 x 50
Lucky Cigars Maduro Toro 6 x 50
Lucky Cigars Toro 6 x 50
Lucky Cigars Robusto 5 x 50
Lucky Cigar Conerico
Lucky Cigar Conerico is handmade with a light Connecticut shade leaf wrapper, along with a well-aged recipe of long leaf ligero tobaccos from Nicaraguan regions of Ometepe and San Andres. Meticulously constructed. Flavorful, mild to medium-bodied taste and pleasant aroma. Handmade in Nicaragua.
Lucky Cigar Conerico Robusto 5x50
Lucky Cigar Conerico Toro 6x50
Lucky Cigar Flavors
Is hand-rolled in the Dominican Republic, made with Dominican fillers grown from Cuban-seed, draped in an Indonesian wrapper. The attractive packaging and enticing flavors make this flavored smoke a great change of pace. The taste is smooth, mild and mellow, with a pleasant aroma. Available in a variety of flavors
Lucky Flavored Cigar 5x42
Cherry is expertly flavored with premium cherry oils. The aroma of sweet cherries will fill the room when you smoke these wonderful cigars.

Chocolate has an essence of traditional chocolate flavors that are just right, not too sweet or bitter. A mildly sweet yet smooth smoke.

Creme Brulee is a densely flavorful blend of rich espresso, sugar, and cream. Taste this sweet tropical sensation on your lips, made with Caribbean Rum, and you'll think you're in paradise.

Mojito Rum Premium tobacco meets delicious rum in this flavor infusion. You can taste hints of molasses and a little spice which adds a nice complexity to the cigars body. Mild, not too sweet and smooth to smoke!

Vanilla Uses top-tier vanilla beans from Madagascar, considered the finest source for vanilla in the world. Complex flavors abound and these superior beans are imbued into a blend of rich Cuban seed tobaccos, resulting in a subtle, well balanced cigar with a rich, layered complexity.
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